How to Check-In Your Daily Burpees!

Have you signed up yet for the SIU 70-Day Burpee Challenge yet? What are you waiting for? Check out our first post for more details. For those of you who have already set up your Fitocracy account, here are some instructions on how to get started on Saturday!


Click “Track” to track your workout.


Search for “Burpee” and click on the name.



Log your 1 Burpee!


Go ahead, brag to your friends, you’ve earned it!


On Sunday, do all of these steps, but don’t forget, add another Burpee to your workout!Let us know how the first day went! Join us on our Facebook group!


Guess what? Need a little bit of a push and inspiration to get started? Join us on Saturday at 3:30pm at the SIU Rec Center / SIU Student Health Center tailgate located at the student tailgate section behind the arena!  We’ll be kicking off the challenge with a mass burpee!

Students: Win a Free Instructional Program!

Interested in Boxing, Yoga, Salsa, or want to learn about Martial Arts? Our next session of Instructional Programs are starting next month and two lucky SIU Carbondale students have a chance to win a free registration! Sign up today!

The SIU 70 Day Burpee Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?

The 70-Day Burpee Challenge is a physical activity program designed to get the SIU Community moving. Here’s how the challenge works: day one of the challenge, participants do one burpee, day two, two burpees, day three, three burpees, and so on through day 70 where participants complete 70 burpees.

How do I sign up?

  1. Sign up for an account at
  2. Join the SIU Student Recreation Center group (find us by searching ” SIU Student Recreation Center”)
  3. Join the challenge!

SIU Burpee 70 Day Burpee Challenge