20 Seconds to a Tighter Core!

Peform each of the following moves in the sequence for 20 seconds before switiching to the next! For an extra challenge, increase your reps!









Dawgs Night Out, Zumba For Hope & More!

Hey, Salukis!

Did you all have a fun and exciting Homecoming 2012? We sure hope so! Keep up the Saluki Spirit with us here at the SIU Recreation Center! We have several awesome activities happening this month, and we would love for you to join us!

We’ll start off this Friday night! Slam dunk contests, photo booths, games of laser tag, and many more activities will encompass Dawgs Night Out this Friday from 8 PM-Midnight at the Rec! Have a caricature drawn or participate in a swimming contest, and don’t forget to indulge in some of our delicious food specials! This event is open to SIU Students with Student Identification.





Next Wednesday, join us for the ever-popular Zumba for Hope. From 5-8 PM, join us for an exhilarating event involving door prizes, raffles, t-shirts, and a whole lot of great times with great people! Come exercise to have fun, improve yourself, and raise awareness for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We also have two amazing trips coming up at the end of the month during the weekend of Friday, October 26th.  First, It’s a  Women’s Only overnight adventure this on Saturday October 27 and 28th! For $25, you will spend a day and night exploring the Panther’s Den Wilderness Area and have the opportunity to acquire new skills which include backwoods cooking and navigation!

If camping isn’t your idea of a fabulous weekend, what about a Yoga retreat? Take a weekend to connect with nature this fall as she reveals her colors in the Shawnee National Forest at our Eco Yoga Autumn Harvest Retreat! Integrate yourself into nature’s beauty to reveal your own exquisite nature. Be invited to let go of what no longer serves you just as the trees let go of their leaves. Deepen your connection with yourself and nature over 3 days of quality yoga, healthy food, and outdoor recreation in a natural and supportive environment. Enjoy 4 yoga classes, meditation experiences, delicious seasonal food, outdoor adventuring, and more on the beautiful grounds of Touch of Nature Environmental Center.

Are you a Foodie?

Foodie Trip

Join us on Saturday! Eat, drink and be merry with your friendly Base Camp staff as we embark on a delectable adventure to discover the taste of southern Illinois.

We will start by picking Apples at Rendleman Orchard, then heading to “Darn Hot Peppers” taking a tour of their pepper farm and salsa tasting. Then Heading to Starview Vineyards taking a tour of the vinting process and heading over to the tasting room. Those who are 21 and older will have an opportunity to do a wine tasting.

Starview Vineyards, Darn Hot Peppers, Rendleman’s Orchard Fee: $35

What’s Happening at the Rec this weekend?!

What's Happening at the REC?

1. Base Camp Adventures
We have two great events this weekend for you! Check out our new Women Rock night on the climbing wall on Sunday from 6-8pm. After you rock out on the wall, grab your friends and head over to the Campus Lake Boat Docks for Moonlight Canoe at Campus Lake Boat Dock! This is a FREE event that runs from 8:00 to 10:00pm, weather permitting.

2. Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs. 

There are a ton of games happening this weekend! Stay updated with all of the latest and greatest info on their brand new Facebook page!

3. The 70 Day Burpee Challenge & Student Tailgate!

Join us starting at 1pm at the Student Tailgate. Are you ready to try our obstacle course? Also, we will be hosting the kickoff to the SIU 70 Day Burpee Challenge at 3:30pm! See you there!

Have a great weekend!

How to Check-In Your Daily Burpees!

Have you signed up yet for the SIU 70-Day Burpee Challenge yet? What are you waiting for? Check out our first post for more details. For those of you who have already set up your Fitocracy account, here are some instructions on how to get started on Saturday!


Click “Track” to track your workout.


Search for “Burpee” and click on the name.



Log your 1 Burpee!


Go ahead, brag to your friends, you’ve earned it!


On Sunday, do all of these steps, but don’t forget, add another Burpee to your workout!Let us know how the first day went! Join us on our Facebook group!


Guess what? Need a little bit of a push and inspiration to get started? Join us on Saturday at 3:30pm at the SIU Rec Center / SIU Student Health Center tailgate located at the student tailgate section behind the arena!  We’ll be kicking off the challenge with a mass burpee!

Students: Win a Free Instructional Program!

Interested in Boxing, Yoga, Salsa, or want to learn about Martial Arts? Our next session of Instructional Programs are starting next month and two lucky SIU Carbondale students have a chance to win a free registration! Sign up today!

The SIU 70 Day Burpee Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?

The 70-Day Burpee Challenge is a physical activity program designed to get the SIU Community moving. Here’s how the challenge works: day one of the challenge, participants do one burpee, day two, two burpees, day three, three burpees, and so on through day 70 where participants complete 70 burpees.

How do I sign up?

  1. Sign up for an account at Fitocracy.com
  2. Join the SIU Student Recreation Center group (find us by searching ” SIU Student Recreation Center”)
  3. Join the challenge!

SIU Burpee 70 Day Burpee Challenge